I have found myself contextualizing the unstable role of women in society by utilizing weaving, crocheting, and sewing through highly aggressive, provoking and sexual reproductions. However, considering the reactiveness or impulsive manner in which my work is centered around, the content lies in the process. The meaning and expressions of this process are in itself, a final reproduction of the concept through the interception of vessels: my body, the materials, the process and finally the body of work.

Similar undertones of female sexuality and gender identity are considered in the process or the internal dialogue that results from it: what does it means to be a female artist in a predominantly male society? What does it mean to be a queer, female identifying artist? What does it mean to be using materials and techniques which have at one point been sought out to be feminine craft?

My latest work deals with issues around gender sexuality and the limitations or confinements which surround the idea. I feel responsible as a queer female artist to reflect the reality of our time in our society.